Would you take the Covid-19 Vaccine?

There are many out there with the view that vaccines should be mandatory if you want to travel.   People are saying this with the view that, you should not be selfish and only care about yourself,  because it would appear that everyone else’s life matters but yours.  I understand your rationale that if you don’t have the vaccine you can be a contagion and spread it to others, thus putting other people’s lives in danger and so why should you be allowed to travel?  I also understand and know that fear can trick you to make choices in life that may not be in your best interest.   Especially if you are being told something is deadly and you could possibly die if infected.

I’ve had vaccines in my life, mostly out of force and not knowing about it.  I had the German measles vaccine as well as the measles vaccine and apparently I still got both diseases as a child.  I then had the German measles vaccine again at age 12 because I was told to by the school and my parents and so I blindly followed.  Thankfully I’m still alive and well today.  However, this may have not been the case because there is a lot of evidence to suggest that vaccines can be pretty harmful and many have not been so lucky.  I also discovered that I could end up with a severe allergy reaction due to me being sensitive. In India, it is well documented that these vaccines caused a lot of autism and deformities.

My husband is pro medicine and he would religiously get his flu vaccine.  It turned out that he would get the flu and I would not.  The flu is considered deadly, killing thousands of people every year and yet the flu vaccine has cured nothing. Flu is still very contagious.

So what is the difference this time?  Why must this vaccine in particular be mandatory?

This is where red flags are raised for me.  This is where I need to ask questions because this will impact me personally.  It could impact my body and my health and also the lives of my family if I end up being dependent on them due to a negative reaction.  I just don’t know enough about vaccines and what is in them to feel comfortable being jabbed with something that is not being covered by health insurance and that has red flags all over it for a number of reasons.

To date, it seems governments and their experts have been playing guessing games.  There are also questions as to the validity of these lockdowns and the various regulations enforced.  Such as you can go to the mall full of people but you cannot visit an empty beach.  You can go to a crowded event of 50 but you cannot sit alone in the ocean.

There is also way too much evidence that proves governments, doctors and scientists cannot be trusted.  There has been an enormous amount of evidence that proves doctors and scientists have been wrong about many things.  In fact, in the science community it is believed that something that is so-called ”proven” can always be proven to be incorrect based on new knowledge, research and who is paying the bills.

What is true is that there will always be for and against arguments about everything.  Different perspectives and different beliefs.

One person believes there is a God and another believes there is none.  One person believes the world is round and another believes it is flat.  One person believes their religion is the only religion while another believes otherwise.   Who is right and who is wrong?  The same way there are doctors and scientists who believe in the body’s ability to heal itself naturally while others say you should take medication and help it along.

I am quite happy to stay at home and never fly again. I already do that, stay at home, work from home, shop from home and will not leave my home for months and only go out to walk the dog, visit a friend or go out when it is necessary.  What I am against is my freedom of choice to do so!

So here I am, I don’t want to be vaccinated by choice. I’m not an anti-vaxer and I don’t consider myself a conspiracy theorist but it seems the world has decided that I am both.  I am ok being called these things if it means I get to decide what I feel would be good for my body.  My body, my choice, my life.  Not your life, not your choice.  Stay away from me then if you feel I’m going to infect you with some deadly disease.   Just like you I have beliefs based on what I’ve seen and heard being sold to me via politicians and media.  Just like you I’ve done my own research and spoken with many different people both experts and non-experts.  Just like you I am basing my decisions on what I feel is right for me.   This is freedom of choice and this is what many are fighting for right now.

Perhaps it is you who is selfish!  Maybe it is  you who needs to revisit what you are asking of others to sacrifice.

Living in a country where people, for various reasons, are forced to live outside of their home countries due to political regimes, rules and regulations and/or poor leadership.  My family like many others, are spread all over the world.  Now because people are so afraid of a virus the freedom to travel, work and earn a living are at threat.  Where does this leave people in general?  Isolated and depressed?

I am not saying for one minute one should not take the virus seriously.  It is real because collectively we’ve made it real and collectively we’ve caused it to be dangerous by giving it energy which is a frequency and so the Corona virus frequency exists.  However, what I’m questioning is, “What you are asking of others to sacrifice?”  “Are you operating out of fear and lack of knowledge?

What bothers me more is that most of the people who are pro vaccine, pro wearing masks, pro keeping safe are people who are experts in their fields giving advice based on their knowledge and research which is fair enough I do the same in my line of work.  However, do I agree with everything they say based on their knowledge, education and research?  Hell no, if I did I would be paralyzed today.   What also bothers me is that many who are of the same view not experts in their fields have also not done any extensive research and have not listened or considered all perspectives but are now making demands forcing myself and many others into a corner.

Thanks to forced lockdown, I’ve had a great opportunity to spend time with my mom and got 9 months with her, I would never have had in the normal world.   Sadly she has a window opportunity to love and leave me and go back to her life with her husband and will be living in another country and this feels like a death to me because the truth of my reality is that if people insist on forced vaccines I will never get to see my mother or any of my other family again.  I do realise that maybe for you, my reasons are selfish but for me they are not because of the extensive research to make my own informed choices and decisions.  Is this not what most of us want, the freedom to choose how we live.   From my perspective, I could say the same thing about your idea that vaccines should be mandatory and one should not have the right to fly or work or shop without one.   Ultimately all of us living on this planet are, at any given time, only ultimately thinking about themselves.

What about those people where it’s against their religion? Must they sacrifice what they believe in?  Are you trying to tell them that their beliefs mean nothing to them and should be ignored for the greater good? It’s like asking a Muslim or a Jewish person to eat pork because it would save all of humanity.  What about those who want to live a life without pharma and want only natural and organic?  Maybe they believe that taking pharma drugs are dangerous for their health and well being?  Are they wrong just because they don’t believe what you believe?

It is not so easy making a blanket one size fit all rule when there are so many different factors, so many different perspectives and beliefs.  There is not a one size fits all solution and one of the biggest problems we have in our society today is that constant need by people and leaders to want to put everyone in the same box, to believe the same things, to do the same things, to fit into the same mold and that is not how we were created otherwise we would all be robots.



What are your thoughts?


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