Who are you to take away a person’s right to speak freely?

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YouTube tightens rules after David Icke’s interview on 5G

Whether you believe it or not, what is fundamental here is the right to freedom of speech.

I fear our freedom of speech is being eroded and if we subscribe to this kind of behaviour or accept it, what’s next?

I’ve listened to David Icke’s interview with London Real  and no where does he incite people to violence or terrorism etc. I fail to see how it would contravene any standards. In fact by banning it it makes people wonder what are they trying to hide?

It is his opinion or theory and we should be open to listen to different points of view and then make our own minds up. We should not be so closed minded that we think that anything that does not fit into our way of thinking is gobbledygook, tinpot or a conspiracy.

I saw no banning of posts where people are accusing China of spreading the virus or or people saying that China must pay. Was that not also just a theory, conspiracy etc? But agree or not, I respect their right to voice their opinions.

I’ve seen far worse videos on YouTube inciting people to violence and claims that would equally be considered by some as not “appropriate”

We cannot allow the right to free speech to be disallowed simply because we have a different opinion/ theory or it doesn’t fit in with our point of view.

It is your FREEDOM of choice whether you want to watch or listen to any particular subject. If you don’t agree, turn it off but don’t allow authoritarian dictatorship to decide what you are allowed to watch. It is your constitutional right to be able to say what you want to and to share your opinions no matter how crazy or whacky they may sound.  It is my right as a listener to decide whether or not I agree with you or not.

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