Telegram and life after Whatsapp


Having left Whatsapp, as predicted life is quiet on Telegram. It’s a bit like being in Joburg during the festive season.

I have managed to convince a few people to join me on Telegram which is great. Fortunately I was able to move the most critical conversations there.

I suspect that Telegram will really pick up in numbers once Whatsapp becomes more aggressive, more explicit in its advertising. That will happen in 2020.

Maybe I should consider getting some kind of commission from Telegram. Such has been enthusiasm in marketing the platform. However, most people don’t want to add yet another social platform to talk to.

The most secure platform of them all is called SIGNAL. But I am not going to talk much about Signal. It is a very secure platform but lacks a lot of networking features that have made Telegram and other messaging platforms so great.

Deleting Whatsapp has been quite disruptive but I will be able to adjust to that much better than I adjusted life without Facebook.

The age of social media has a huge willingness to share our private info. However, I see big changes in future where we try to reclaim our privacy and security. That’s where apps like Telegram will come in very handy.

The new currency in future will be anonymity and minimalism in what we share with the outside world. Be prepared!

What are your thoughts?


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Tendai Mubayiwa is a business coach and mentor with various professional qualifications in accounting, auditing, risk management. Experience Tendai has +20 years experience including at least 10 years in internal and external auditing, capital management and risk management and +10 years in digital marketing, business coaching and mentoring. Social Media Tendai also has a keen interest in marketing and social media. As a LinkedIn coach, trainer and strategist he was one of the pioneers in promoting LinkedIn in South Africa.  Tendai shared training material on LinkedIn with hundreds of people over the years. Chess Tendai Mubayiwa has +25 years involvement in chess and co-founded 2 of the largest pan African Chess websites, Africa Chess and Africa Chess Media. He is a former World Open U1800 chess champion. A volunteer at the World Chess Championship in New York in 2016. As Operation Manager at Millionaire Chess he was involved in helping to organise one of the richest chess opens in the world. Business Coach and Mentor Tendai Mubayiwa is also a mentor and coaches entrepreneurs.  He works with entrepreneurs at various stages in their journey in business. Media Interviews Tendai Mubayiwa has been featured on Good Morning Africa and eNCA over the years.

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