How to register and set up the user section in WordPress


To be able to use WordPress or access the backend of WordPress one needs to register yourself as a user.  You will first be asked to enter a username, email and password and then you will be ready to login.

In this blog I’m going to cover certain bits of the user section to help you complete this section correctly.

First you need to choose a username.  Now the user name is quite important because you cannot change this.  The user name should be something easy for you to remember and something that is unique.  You can use your name but it is generally not recommended for security reasons.  Aim to use one word instead of two.



When choosing an email address, use one that you access and use one you can link to a tool such as Gravatar.  The reason for this is so that it pulls your avatar photo into any WordPress blog online anywhere in the world, see below.

In my blog on why you should post comments on blogs I talk about why and how to set up Gravatar.



When you log in to WordPress for the first time, or anytime after that I would strongly recommend you spend some time completing your profile section which you will find in the lefthand toolbar.  The reason being is that this becomes your author biography that is pulled into blog posts and is also used for Google Authorship.

Display Name:  Under the drop down list for display name publicly choose the option to use your name and surname.  The reason you want to do this is so that you will be credited and recognised for the blogs and articles you publish.  This forms part of your brand’s identity.


Then proceed to complete the rest of the fields and add your biography in the biography box.  Here I recommend that you write your biography in a word document first and then you can just copy and paste it in the box and make any relevant changes.  If you are not sure how to write a biography look at examples of others.  This will save you the frustration of having to redo it should anything go wrong, like the internet shutting down, or something did not save.

For those who are part of the Own Yr Space group

Once you’ve completed your profile, you are then ready to add your business listing.  At the top of the dashboard you will see an option at the top Directory Dashboard.  Click this option and fill in your details.  Once you’ve submitted your entry it will ask you to add a comment to verify you.  Please just add anything here.  Once your submission has been accepted, I will do the last verification process and link you to your user within WordPress.





What are your thoughts?


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