Privacy policies – Whatsapp, social media what’s all the fuss?


Privacy policies, social media, Google and messaging apps, an invasion of our privacy and where to from here.   As I hit the realisation of how much control these social media platforms have and how much information I am sharing on the internet in relation to my location, my IP, my thoughts, ideas, when and how I use the internet and how it is being used to sell me goods, services and even ideas.  I’ve been wanting to leave various social media platforms including Google for quite some time now but been delaying the inevitable due to the nature of my work and because it is a phenomenal tool that connects me with friends, family and people I care about.  It also gives me the opportunity to meet new people and to work from anywhere in the world as long as I have an internet connection.

There are things that are not sitting well with me as I dig into future trends and research opportunities for myself and others.  If you are in business or you want to earn an income for yourself, you cannot, not be on the internet.  You do need to leverage social media for networking and building relationships at a global level if you want to be and stay in business and if you want to be a brand that earns an income.  The question is at what cost?  Only you can decide this for yourself.

Nothing is private on the internet, nothing!

You have to decide where you hang out, what level of privacy you want and who you share it with.  I am generally picky about what I share online in relation to personal and private information but also knowing at the same time, nothing is private.

I am of the strong view, based on research that at some point in the future a new monetary system will be introduced and it will be linked to how and the way we spend our time online and what we spend our money on.  One being the social credit system. So for the time being, until I see how the new social credit system will work I will remain online and be aware of the fact that anything I post on the internet is not private. However, if you go offline, you will be demerited as your social credit score will be a factor in the credit scoring system. But that is for then and not now.  My strategy is to observe and slowly work a way of migrating out of the system that will not leave me homeless or out of income.

I asked on a post on Facebook where will everyone be migrating to and the reason I asked this question is because I need to be where my network chooses to migrate to. No point if I’m the only one on Facebook or Whatsapp. The second reason I asked this question is because I want government and tech giants to see people are pushing back and hopefully delay the inevitable, although the ship has already sailed.  Artificial Intelligence already pretty much controls sites like Facebook and the Google. So not even government or Mark can stop the inevitable.

As I explain in my comments that you use Google to search for answers to your questions but Google is using you to collect data about you, you are the product. What you search for? Who you search for? Who you are connected with? How you behave? What time you go online and where from?  What you spend your money on?  All sorts of data is collected. Facebook does the same and so do many platforms on the internet, including websites.  This is so that people like myself can use Google Ads or Facebook Ads to sell or market things to you.

With the new privacy laws in place, all websites have to inform you about how they are collecting data and what data is being collected from that site. For example, if you have a website and you collect emails to send out newsletters then you need to inform visitors of such. The same applies when you have a shop and you collect address details or any payment details, you need to inform your visitors that you are doing this and why and what you are using that information for.

So yes, my question is, why is Whatsapp in need of my payment details or why are they putting this in their policy? I understand why Facebook would have it in their policy because they collect banking details from people who sell ads on Facebook.  So either Whatsapp is going to be allowing people to sell ads on their platforms and sharing your information with 3rd parties or there is another reason tied to the social credit system which will most likely be introduced in the future.

It is good that people are waking up to the fact that they have little to no privacy when it comes to the internet, Google and social media platforms. It is good that people are pushing back and letting governments and tech giants know they value their privacy, however, I think it is too late because Artificial Intelligence controls the internet and this means Artificial Intelligence will decide for you what you can see, what you can and cannot do or buy and how much you spend. It can also red flag you when you’ve been a naughty citizen and tell you that you’ve shared something you are not allowed to share.

There is also the convenience of Artificial Intelligence as it organises information to bring you news and info you are interested in but it can also deliver to you information that is biased and one sided.

It’s about personal choice really. Read all the policies or accept that all your information whatever it is is open source pretty much on the internet. The fact is people are ready to jump ship. People are gatvol of Facebook and that would include Whatsapp because people don’t want their data shared with advertisers. But Facebook is free, Whatsapp is free which means the price you pay is losing your privacy.

Yes, there are many asking why the big hoo-hah?  What are you concerned about because in essence we are all sharing our information freely.  Perhaps this is a good time to start questioning what it is you are sharing so freely and what is the price of that information you are sharing so openly and freely and to look for alternative options if you are not wanting your information shared to 3rd parties.

I am personally looking at other alternative options and slowly migrating and opting out.  My main reason is because of freedom of speech.  I’ve seen how people’s pages and profiles have been taken down or deleted by tech giants and I’m not in agreement with this.  I’ve seen how content is censored online and I’m not in agreement with this.  I am in agreement of not sharing fake news but not all news is fake and sadly I’ve seen content which I believe to be true being censored.  Choosing where and how I spend my valuable time, it’s a personal choice.


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Extreme case scenario but very possible

What are your thoughts?


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