Do you wonder how lockdown and Covid-19 virus will impact future generations?


One has to wonder how this lockdown and Covid-19 virus will impact future generations?  People are always concerned for the children and yet throughout the Covid-19 pandemic people have been so consumed with social distancing, wearing masks and not getting close to anyone for fear of infection that one has to wonder how this will impact future generations?

People are so busy living in fear that they are not seeing the long term damage this pandemic will have on children, our youth and people’s lives globally.  Sitting in isolation like a naughty kid in the corner because you may make someone else sick is not a positive mind set to create for any child or adult.

Living in fear and being afraid drains your energy and creates stress.   Have you ever stopped for a moment to see how being so consumed by looking at how many infections and deaths there are every day and by occupying your mind with this pandemic 24/7, is making you weak?

Every time you go out to the shop or to work, notice just how much you fear.  Fear of bumping into the military or the police or other people.  Wearing a mask, breathing in your own toxins.  Being too afraid to get to close to another person?  What happened to us?  How did we condition ourselves to live in so much fear when we know that if the negative is true that the opposite is true also.  It is up to you to decide which pill you want to swallow.

What happened to we can beat this virus?  What happened to billions of people out there who are healthy and many who have recovered? What happened to breathing fresh air is good for you?  What happened to hugging each other is good for the soul and healing to the body and mind? Are we so consumed with fear that we choose to live in that fear?

We are responsible for adding goodness to the world.  Responsible for creating a better world for not only ourselves but for the environment and future generations.  Reading this article hit me hard as I realise the enormity of the damage that has been created because mankind chose to live in fear of something destroying them rather than rejecting that narrative and opting for the positive vs. negative mindset.  Yes people are dying with Covid-19 but then people are dying of all sorts every day.  I just don’t get it!

Do you seriously want to live in a world  where we must wear mandatory masks? Where I do not have the freedom to decide for myself what is good for me?  Where I must social distance and I cannot see my friends and cannot visit my family?Where we cannot go out and enjoy life.  To be policed by people who when you think about it, who are they?  They are just normal people like you and me and now they must make sure we behave like naughty children. Gosh who would want to live in a world like that, I keep asking myself.  Certainly not me.

Some might think I’m selfish. However, is it not selfish of you not to consider the damage you are doing to people’s lives by living in fear of getting infected?  Are you not selfish for making people do things they don’t want to do because you are too afraid?

This working age group is going to see more than 200 million people become unemployed in the world.

Reading this in an article hit me as I sat there realising we are all contributing to this future.  We are collectively, through our actions and our thoughts, creating this for future generations.  Do you want to be responsible for people to live in poverty, stress and to have a mind living in fear, committing suicide or suffering from mental trauma because they are too afraid to get close to another person?

I still maintain, end the lockdown and let everyone get on with their lives.  If you are too scared to go out, then stay at home, you get that freedom of choice.  If you are too afraid of getting infected then go out in a hazmat suit, or what ever makes you comfortable.  But why must you insist on someone else covering up?  I know the excuse is so that you don’t infect the other person.  But how is the other person’s life more valuable than mine?  How is it that other’s views and opinions about this virus is more valued than my view?  You might say, because they can die.  Maybe it was their time to die?  Maybe they would’ve died anyway.  Maybe, just maybe, if we had never heard about this virus would we have known any different?  I just don’t see anyone dropping dead like flies.  All I see are millions of people still living very healthy lives. One size here does not fit all.  While I might be comfortable attending a crowded event, others might not and that is their choice. But please, let me have mine.

I am safe
I am healthy
I am responsible

What are your thoughts?


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