Monkeynastix shares – the impact lockdown has had on children

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Has stress become the new norm for many as we try and pick up the pieces of our lives whilst still being in lockdown due to Covid-19.  A time that will go down in history for having a dramatic impact on people’s lives from not being able to fly, to being split apart from family, to losing your livelihood, one wonders what else could possibly go wrong.

Most people are very focused on not getting the virus, is it the fear of dying?  Why is it that we are in such fear of a virus we cannot see but someone said this is a deadly virus and it can kill you and the whole world halted.  What about the mind.  Everyone always forgets about the mind.  It’s seems people don’t think that the mind can get very sick that it can also result in death.  Sometimes the mind can be a deadlier disease because it can last for many years sometimes a lifetime.  Stress and fear has the ability to destroy your physical body and can result in you losing friends and family because no one wants to be around a toxic person.  So the struggle is real for many who have to pay rent and put food on the table.

A great discussion with the CEO and Founder of Monkeynastix on the mental health of children during lockdown and this Covid-19 pandemic.  How is lockdown and Covid-19 impacting children?  What are their experiences?  Are they coping, do you know what to look for?  As a parent how can you support your child and help them get through this crazy and challenging time.

It’s been reported that about 85% of adults will suffer from mental health issues.  Have we stopped and taken time to figure out what impact this lockdown is having on children? Wearing masks is not a natural thing to do.  Babies cannot read facial expressions when people are wearing masks.  Children cannot visit their grand parents and live in fear because now they cannot get close to their friends or family.

How can we change this?

What are your thoughts?


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