It takes a lot to stand up for things that are wrong!

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Whilst browsing my news feed I spotted a post about chickens that were ill treated by an Egg and Pig supplier.  (Goodness knows how the pigs are treated)  I was saddened to see a warehouse with caged chickens with no comfort whatsoever.  There was a Rooster also in the picture, very skinny and not in a comfortable space either.  The cages had barely enough room to move around.

The person who posted the photos was very sad to see the chickens having to live under these conditions.  I commented that it is very sad that chickens have to be caged in this way.  This person did not mention any names, did not mention the name of the business either.

The owner of the chickens/chicken business saw the post and reacted in an angry and abusive manner.  They commented that they are upset that the person had posted these images and was very upset and angry that the customer was granted permission to see the chickens and the way they live. (Feel sorry for the staff)  The business owner went on further to say that they care for the chickens and feed them and the reason they are in cages is to reduce the stress on chickens.

I then drafted a long response because I could see that this was an attack on the customer, the person who posted the photos saying how sad she was to see and experience this.  In many instances the ones who stand up are normally very gentle souls, sensitive people.  They are then treated with abuse or behaviour by those who are guilty for the part they played in the bad behaviour.   Not everyone has the ability to stand up and fight.  Especially when it comes to bullies or those who care very little for the well being of others.

From my own personal experience every time someone bullied me to get their way resulted in my crying.  Feeling dreadful and more often than not standing down.  Overtime I learnt to cry less in front of the bully but I still walked away feeling dreadful and beating myself up feeling bad because of what I said even if I was right.  In the end I learnt a bad behaviour habit of shouting at people when someone would start pushing their ways on me or when I could see and feel the person was just ignoring what I was trying to communicate and still continued with what they chose to do.  I am all about freedom but not when it impacts someone’s life personally.

If you live in my house, my house – my rules.  If you work for me, my business, my rules.  If you want to do it a different way or live a different way or live by your own rules in any situation, go live somewhere or work somewhere where you can do exactly that!  If I live in your house, I abide by your rules.  If I work for you, I abide by your rules.  I don’t argue about it or continue to do my own thing ignoring what you say.  I don’t try to change things unless there is something that is way out of line as in, a co-worker making unwanted gestures or if I see that something could be improved upon that is to the benefit of all.  If things don’t work for me I simply move on.

For those who feel they cannot stand up.  Don’t feel intimidated by those who react in a manner that makes you feel like you are the guilty party.  The only reason you said something is because you felt an injustice in the first place.  If the person reacts in a way that is abusive, try hard to ignore it, I know it is difficult.  Try and detach from what they are saying to you allow that person to vent and when you are ready and this could be a few days later, then respond should you feel the need to.  I use a trick to help myself whereby I remind myself why I stood up in the first place.  In this instance seeing how the chickens were living.  Using facts to tell my brain not to accept this person’s reaction.

Also get support, this is one thing I never had.  Support.  I often stood alone.  It’s like everyone wants the same thing and when you decide to stand up for everyone, all of a sudden everyone disappears and you are left standing alone.  So get the support of those who care about you.  Who knows you for who you are.  Those who genuinely love you.   Not to go and stand with you necessarily as this is not always possible.  But mainly to help you process the situation.  To remind you that what you are doing is a good thing.  That you are a good person.

Sadly those comments were removed including, some by the original poster out of fear of being abused some more as the abuser then became abusive behind the scenes.  This only gives power to the abuser which I can understand, I too am guilty of allowing the abuser to have power over me.  I allowed the fear to take hold and gave in to fear.

Chickens may not seem important to anyone in this world other than being food but they still need a voice.  They have no one to stand up for their rights.  Same with some people, animals and our environment.  I noted my long response was removed, I think the abuser found a way to delete my comment.  So sadly this business owner will continue to treat these chickens as she has been and these chickens will continue to suffer and no one will be the wiser.

If we continue to be silent, continue to delete our post out of fear and to satisfy the one who is in the wrong we will never change the world and make it a better place for all who are here and still to come.

It takes a lot of your physical energy to take a stand.  To stand up for the rights of others, yourself, animals, the environment.  I get this.  Every time I take a stand for something I have had to first convince myself that I can do this.  I had to fight the fear in me that is overwhelming and pretty much consumes you when you take the stand.  Then once you’ve taken the stand you have to deal with the abuse that comes with taking a stand.  More often than not it results in name calling by the offender or the offender making out that you are the liar or deceived and not true. “How dare you say I am doing something wrong..”  “We don’t do that.. we are good…

I remember I had this so called friend living with us because she had nowhere to go.  She used my phone without my knowledge and when I got the bill it was a fortune, when I confronted her she denied using my phone, she then tried to turn the situation around to point fingers at me, we ended up in a heated argument whereby she was telling me to get out of my own house.  I recall feeling dreadful about the confrontation.  I would beat myself up for days thinking I’m in the wrong.

Over the years I accepted their abuse.  I didn’t know what else to do, when I asked for help there was none.  No one who gave me sound advise.  Most of the advise is “let it go” “walk away” “turn the other cheek”  How much cheek turning can one do before it’s too late and results in dis-ease!

Then one day in a conversation with a man, he admitted to me  that people who are guilty of their wrong doings often try to turn it around on you.  They make you to be the problem.   Make you feel guilty for taking the stand so that they take the spotlight off their bad behaviour.  He said it is something he would do himself.   This helped me a great deal but sadly a lot of damage had been done.  It resulted in me having pain in my body.  My fight and flight triggers are damaged and I almost ended up paralysed due to the stress it caused me.  Thankfully I am on the mend. Thankfully I have spent enough time researching and learning the practice of healing and restoration.


Is it worth it taking the stand?

What I have learnt is there is nothing wrong in taking a stand but it depends how you take the stand.  You do need emotional intelligence which I severely lacked for most of my life.   I walked around being broken, angry, hurt and sometimes filled with hatred.  I was angry at God, men and some women.  I was angry at governments.  Angry for the way people treated each other.  I was angry at God for expecting me to submit to men’s ways, the patriarchal system created by men and not God.   A lie I’m thankfully free of.  I gave much of my power over to others out of fear.  Fear another big liar.

As a women I tried to stand up for women’s rights in a time where women were not heard.  Where no matter which way you turned it fell on deaf ears and because it apparently came from God.  Who am I to argue with God?  Thankfully God showed me another way.  However, to the church I’m seen as following the “devil’s way”

What I also learnt is the reason I was rejected at the time is because you cannot fight using the same energy as the offender.  You cannot fight a cause from an energy/mindset of hatred, anger, fear or hurt.  You cannot fight out of an energy of destruction, it only brings on more destruction.  Hurt brings more hurt.  Anger brings more anger.  What you put out there comes right back to you.

You first have to find forgiveness and get to a place of love for when you do that, God is on your side, inspiration flows and then a lot of people stand with you to help you fight the cause that needs to be fought.  It is a fight using the energy of love.  The energy of compassion.

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