How to beat this virus that is consuming our lives


There is a virus and it is real.  There are people getting sick and there are people dying. Evidence also shows that far more people have   recovered from this virus and when you put things into perspective as in as of today 18 May, there are approx 7 billion people in the world of which 1.73 million have recovered from this virus and only 315k deaths.  One has to wonder what and who to believe when there are so many other causes of deaths in the world that are more dangerous.

There are a group of people who are adamant we must all stay home, wear a mask and social distance.  Nothing wrong with this advice if you are able to sustain yourself for a long period of time and if you are happy to wear a mask 247 and happy to be sanitised wherever you go.  However, people who are happy to live this way and happy to live under military rule, are rather harsh and often nasty to those who do not agree with lockdown and military rule and would prefer to be able to move freely, visit their friends, go back to work or be able to open up their businesses and get the economy going.   They are harsh on those who are wanting lockdown to end saying that these people are terrible people and don’t care about life and only care about money and themselves.  On the contrary whether you are wanting people to stay home, mask up and social distance or wanting lockdown to end I think everyone cares.

People who are wanting lockdown to end are people who cannot afford lockdown to continue.  They need social interaction and they have bills to pay and families to feed.  Many of them are also business owners who are desperately trying to keep their businesses open, not only for themselves but for the people who work for them who are dependent on them.   This has nothing to do with privilege but everything to do with the fact that many cannot afford to stay home indefinitely.  As one business owner put it, “if this lockdown continues for much longer, I cannot pay catch up rent and will have to close my business”.  Whilst others are saying, “we had an end goal when lockdown was enforced, we planned for that end goal.  Now goal posts have been extended and we don’t know how to plan further to save jobs or to keep our doors open.”  Many of the rules made in lockdown don’t make sense.

You may have your health but do you have quality of life?

  • Are you happy to live in a world where you are forced to wear a mask for the rest of your life?
  • Are you happy to be restricted to what you can and cannot buy with your money?
  • Are you happy not being able to visit your family and friends whenever you want to?
  • Are you happy being forced to live in debt and on edge because you cannot earn an income?
  • Are you happy to be told when and how you can exercise?
  • Are you happy to find yourself without a job?
  • Are you happy that this is the world you are creating for your children going forward?
  • Are you happy to know that your children will suffer for this in the long run?

There is no knowing how this pandemic will play out.  What is clear is that the virus is here to stay.  It is clear that the virus has already impacted people’s lives whether physically, mentally or financially.

It is also clear that anyone who has a different view point to government and media are pounced on for having a different view point.  Just because you believe in what these doctors, scientists and politicians, say does what you believe make it true?  It may be true for you but it may not be true for someone else.  

My personal view is, I believe the virus is real but I also believe it can be conquered.  I also believe that the more energy and focus we give the virus, the more this virus will control and destroy our lives.  I know this from personal experiences in my life where what I focused on became my reality whether positive or negative.  I’ve also lived a part of my life in fear and know how living in fear has had a negative impact in my life and in the lives of those I love.  I’ve seen how living in fear has prevented me from seeing opportunities that would’ve greatly benefited my life and changed the outcome I am living today.  It reminds me of the man who cries to God for help. God sends you help but it is not the help you want and so you keep asking and help never comes.  Or you are too blinded by fear that you cannot see.

Lockdown for me hasn’t been all bad.  This virus forced people to shutdown and take a break.  The world needed to a reset.   Humanity needed a wakeup call.  We cannot continue living the way we have been living.   So while I’m loving lockdown for the good it is doing to the environment and for the opportunities it is presenting whereby I got to spend added quality time with my mom, I also know it is not sustainable and cannot last forever.

I’m not a scientist, nor am I a doctor.  However, I have studied the mind and practiced mind over matter from an early age.  I have researched and listened to many different view points about the virus and while I agree that for some it is important to them that they stay home, wear masks and social distance to protect themselves, does is this have to be a blanket rule for everyone?  You see those experts who encourage fear, who are selling the virus as deadly do not align with my belief system.   I’ve always believed in health and abundance.  I’ve always believed in freedom of speech and freedom of choice.   I love living in a world where people are free to go where they want to go.  Buy what they want to buy.  Visit whoever they wish to visit and earn an income in the way they choose.

My belief system is rooted both in Christianity and in the power of the mind. I strongly believe that what you focus your energy on becomes your reality and to guard your mind against fearful and destructive thoughts.  My belief system strongly supports the idea that we have the power to heal ourselves.  My belief system also says that God promised us health and wellness and not to live in fear.  Now you are asking me to trust doctors, scientists and politicians who tell me to live in fear and to believe I will catch the virus if I do not stay home, wear a mask or maintain a safe social distance?

There are numerous medical professionals and scientists who disagree with the current narrative.  They all agree that one should take the virus seriously but they have different methods of dealing with the virus.  So you can say there are 2 camps.  One camp’s medical opinion says, sanitise, wear a mask, stay home, be afraid, you can die.  The second camp’s opinion says, boost your body with vitamin A, D, C and Zink.  Get fresh air, walk in nature, exercise, appreciate life and do not feed the energy of fear.  That with thought and focus you have the power to overcome.  You determine the outcome by what you give attention to.

I choose to listen to what doctors and scientists in camp 2 have to say because they study the brain, epigenetics and telemeres.   I also choose to listen to what these professionals have to say because it resonates with my spirit.  I have I have followed their work for years and they helped me a great deal to understand how I damaged my body and weakened my immune system through stress.   What they have taught me coincides with my belief system.  That we must not fear and that we are meant to live a life of health and abundance.  That with focused meditation and mental rehearsal we have the ability to rewire our brains and have the outcomes we want to have. Having tried and tested this way of living has given me very real experiences and results.

Most medical professionals if not all, have for centuries promoted, healthy eating, spending time in the sun, spending time with friends and family, exercise and to not stress.  Whilst there are benefits to lockdown in that you have the opportunity to relax and re assess your life one has to ask, “is an extended lockdown good for everyone?”  According to camp 1, living in fear, social distancing, wearing a mask, staying at home is saving lives apparently but I have to ask at what cost?  At what cost to one’s well being and quality of life?

If you hare happy to follow medical professionals and the scientists of this world who recommend protecting yourself at all costs, that’s your freedom of choice.  You are free to isolate yourself and stay at home if you can.  You are free to wear a mask.  Free to take a vaccine should you choose to.  You are free to do what you want to do but do not force people who have a different view point and who prefer to live their lives differently to yours to do what you want them to do based on who you chose to believe and listen to.  Surely the world is big enough for both our view points?

What are your thoughts?


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