Has the war on Covid-19 been won. Has our future been determined?


How has Covid-19 impacted your life?  People I’ve spoken with of late are saying the same thing. “We can’t be bothered to go out anymore. It has become a chore, not a pleasure.”

Wearing a mask, sanitised by every shop until your hands fall off, avoiding people, no smiles, no laughter, no joy.  Just some angry scowls if they think you’re standing in “their” space or not wearing the correct mask. I’m constantly worrying about if I contravening some law and might get arrested.

If you’re exercising in a public place you dare not stand still, or take a rest because you have a cramp or something, for fear of being arrested. The law says you have to keep moving. Can you walk? If so, how fast. Dare not amble or stop while your dog lifts its leg at every bush. Better jump up and down while waiting just to be safe! You never know who is watching and maybe some busy body will call the cops on you! It’s their only pleasure in life it seems.

No glass of wine with your meal. No after dinner cigarette ( for those who smoke). Maybe you shouldn’t even talk because your germs might spread far and wide.

You might risk freezing to death, or get sick if you ride in a taxi, filled with 14 people or more, because all the windows MUST be open to let the virus escape! But God help you if you visit your family or friends. But at least if someone dies you might be one of the “lucky” 50 chosen to attend the funeral. Mixing with 50 mourners is okay because everyone knows the virus doesn’t go to funerals, restaurants, supermarkets and shops.  It particularly likes beaches, parks, churches, family and friends houses.

I am so tired of all this BS. I really don’t want to live in a world like this. A world where every other disease and illness is being put on hold.  Never mind if you need life saving cancer treatment or a knee op. Sorry, you have to get to the back of the Covid queue, but be sure to keep 6ft, or 6 meters or whatever they dream up overnight.

Don’t ALL lives matter?  Or is it a case of only Covid lives matter?

Please stop the world, I want to get off at the next stop!


What are your thoughts?


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