How to fill your empty bucket


Do you feel drained and exhausted and need more energy? What do you do when you feel generally tired, overwhelmed, emotionally drained and unsatisfied?  I love what Tony Schwartz says, we all seem to be so obsessed with our time and time management, but what we really need to pay attention to, is effective energy management.

It isn’t easy to manage your energy levels when you don’t feel you have any right now but a good starting point is  looking at your fundamental energy givers.

We often search for all kinds of remedies to assist us in finding the solution to being tired and overwhelmed with life’s demands.  What we don’t get told is that it is your responsibility to maintain your body’s primary energy givers, if you don’t then your body will ultimately suffer and this means all areas of your life will suffer.

From my own personal life this is what I had to do daily to perform at my best and to keep the energy flowing:

  • Exercise at least 40 minutes per day, 5 days a week.
  • Eat healthy food that is nurturing my body (not feeding my emotions)
  • Drink enough clean water
  • Maintain good sleeping habits
  • Actively control my thought life which in effect means I am managing  my emotions
  • Meditate  and pray daily
  • Relax and still my mind for a few minutes several times a day

There are more, but these are my non-negotiable fundamentals.  I found that if I did not follow this guideline my energy levels would drop and I would find it a struggle to get things done.

Every individual has his/her own energy givers, but these are the fundamental basics we all need.  Areas of your life that you need to take care of to have the vitality and energy levels you need to sustain you in your day to day activities:

  • Physical – the energy you need to move around
  • Emotional – to feel good,  positive and to be in a good state of mind
  • Mental –  to be sharp in your focus e.g. stay with conversations or concentrate on what you are busy with
  • Spiritual –  to live  your life  with faith and intention

The process I use with my clients is to first look at the fundamental energy levels we need on a daily basis and if my client still feel exhausted and drained then we look at other areas of your life that might be doing this.

Remember, only if you have water in the bucket, you will be able to find the holes!

Take a break from what you are doing and note areas in your life you feel you are losing energy and implement the necessary changes you need to re energise.

For some the thought of making all the changes necessary to improve your energy levels can seem overwhelming.  One of my top tools for success is …… start thinking small….. small goals with manageable but consistent steps. The reasoning behind this is simple. I learned from

Lewis Howes  who says:  You need momentum, and nothing builds momentum like getting a few wins under your belt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about thinking big and having big dreams, but I also understand the need for momentum and confidence

Why Thinking Small Is the Secret to Big Success is an article definitely worth reading

If you still feel overwhelmed or need help, please Email me or call me, all my information is on the contact page. Talk to you soon.


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