Crowd1 is it a scam or an income stream opportunity?


When I first heard about Crowd1 I immediately had resistance.  I for one am sick and tired of trying out multi-level marketing ventures having tried so many before and not being successful with it.

Crowd1 bothered me for days because it’s an online business and being an online specialist, it is my job to know what tools are on the market and how they work and whether or not it would benefit any of my clients.

It also bothered me because it sounded more like an affiliate marketing program rather than an MLM business.  I liked the products they were looking to market, which is in education, gaming and mobile app gaming all of which I am familiar with.

So while still a skeptic I started doing my due diligence and began to search on Google for Crowd1.  I read various articles and watched various videos on YouTube.  Some articles said it is a pyramid scheme and that you can go to jail in the Philippines if you were caught promoting Crowd1.  Another article said it was banned in Namibia.  I remained objective because I also knew governments have been trying for years to ban Bitcoin.  Countries like China banned Bitcoin and now Russia and India are trying to ban it and look how that is working.  The more governments try to ban something the more people want it and the more valuable it becomes.  Look at South Africa’s lockdown with the ban on Cigarettes and Booze.   I’ve also read loads of articles which said that Karatbars is a scam, and many other MLM’s like Jeunesse and Nuskin are scams but I also know a lot of people making money from these multi-level marketing companies.

If they were the pyramid ponzi, then why are they still around?  Have we ever really wondered about pyramid schemes in that maybe they are not all bad because there sure are plenty of them out there it seems.   Then there is, Jeunesse, Nuskin, Karatbars, Avon, Tupperware and many others who are all still around.    I bought into Karatbars mainly because I like the product and it comes with crypto coins, I’m not convinced it is a game changer, well not for me at least, but it has benefited many out there and people do like it, so good luck to them.

I then searched the CEO Johan Stael von Holstein, nothing major there, mainly good reviews and that he does exist.

I also searched on Twitter for Crowd1 to see what was being said, I didn’t see any major red flags.   I searched both Facebook and LinkedIn, I checked out profiles of people who were presenting Crowd1 presentations as well as members who joined and the decision makers in the business.   I attended presentations every day and invited others to have a look.

My findings so far is that there are people, including some of my colleagues who are quick to call it a pyramid scheme but I don’t believe they’ve really done extensive research. I think, like me at first, they watched 5 minutes of the presentation, then went on Google, saw an article that says it’s a scam and then sent me a message to say it’s a pyramid.

Not one of these people have yet to explain and show me in detail why they call it a pyramid scheme and even if it is, then show me why it doesn’t work and how I and others will lose our money?

I decided rather than listening to all the naysayers I decided to treat Crowd1 like I would any other online product, service or platform and do my own investigation.  I would try and test it out for myself and do my own research to help me understand what it is all about. Having attended many presentations and spoken to various people, every time I look at what Crowd1 offered, all I can see is how it can change lives.  I’ve watched presentations where people from all walks of life shared their stories of how Crowd1 has helped them to pay their bills.  I can see how it can change the lives of many South Africans.

I registered for free because you can.  I don’t recommend you do this, it works to your disadvantage because of their rewards and earning system.  So it feels like a game of business skills development to me.  A game where people can learn about business, the digital world and have fun at the same time whilst being part of a community.  I decided to create a team name for my downline team, Venture Connectors because I wanted to see if I could use my existing training and combine it to run alongside the Crowd1 affiliate marketing program.

For my team there are 3 ways you can join:

  • As an existing customer of mine, I will be gifting you with the Crowd1 Affiliate rewards program.
  • If you don’t have R2,000 to join but you are serious about starting your own business then you need to show me that you are serious by finding 4 individuals who would like to join but they must have R2,000 to join. And we will sponsor you.
  • If you have the initial investment you can join when you are ready and start the game of life skills to learn about business, online marketing and how to navigate your way around the digital world.

When you join Venture Connectors networking, you will be part of a team who supports you and equips you with the knowledge you need to build your own business and to support your team.

In my Flight Plan training program you will learn many aspects about running a business, mainly focused in online marketing, sales and your mindset.  You will also learn about social media marketing and the value of developing your brand.  How to support your team and understanding your target market.  You will be expected to participate in activities such as completing tasks and participate in groups and attend Q and A sessions.   What you will learn you will be able to implement in your career or in your existing or future business.

Yes, there is a risk, nothing is guaranteed.  Whether you invest in a property, buy shares, buy or start a business there is a level of risk, its up to you to minimise that risk by doing your research and also putting in the effort to make it work.

So far all I  see is the potential of Crowd1 based on my knowledge and understanding of the online world.   Being a social media specialist, I’ve often wondered why one cannot offer a business membership community site that is similar to other well known social media platforms but with a subscription fee so that we can all benefit being part of the community utilising affiliate links and I have explored this option years ago but the timing was not right.

Whether you are working from home or a career opportunist, a politician, freelancer or actor you need to accept that you will experience failure and the value and importance of building a network.  This is what social media taught me and what Crowd1 can teach you too.  My online journey also taught me that I am my own worst enemy.  Another lesson in self assessment and understanding your fears #lesson.  

Crowd1 has all the elements of a digital business offering you a potential income stream through its affiliate and rewards program.  Have you even heard about affiliate marketing and know what it is?  There are many people just like you who are making money leveraging affiliate marketing, marketing other products and services online.  Many of those coaching emails you receive in your inbox asking you to attend an online webinar like Bernadette Doyle for example, offers her affiliates a commission for marketing her products and services. Rewarding people for helping her to spread the word.  I too make use of affiliate marketing programs for some of my clients.  Welcome to the online world.  Amazon offers you an associate link and if you don’t believe me look it up.  Do you own #lesson in due diligence.

Crowd1 is well positioned for Industry 4.0 in developing a business that can operate on your mobile phone and embracing the world of cryptocurrency using Bitcoin as a payment option. This means that as a digital virgin or technologically challenged person you are now pushed into learning the future of money because it is only a matter of time before Fiat currency as we know it will fall away.  Many of you have already experienced with the Corona Virus pandemic how quickly the only egg in your basket can crack and the rug be pulled from under you and so another #lesson in making sure you have more than one egg in your basket.

Then I thought about what makes brands so valuable and concluded, the only reason why anything has value is because people give it value and this includes money. The only reason why the US Dollar, Pound or Euro has any value is because people give it value. It is not banks or government who determine the value of something. Look at Bitcoin, it is people who give Bitcoin value. What other value does it have? Governments tried to ban it and failed because people gave it power.

Crowd1 launched in 2019 and as of writing this article there are now 6 million members so I ask those even if it is a pyramid scheme perhaps this is a working pyramid scheme.  And I challenge you to come and show me how you will lose or waste your money because the only loss I see is you not joining in on the fun because the risk is that:

  • You could lose if it doesn’t work but you can also gain if it does work.
  • You get to be a part of a community.  You get to learn skills you didn’t have before.
  • You will learn whether you are a bad leader or a good leader.
  • You will learn whether or not you are good at supporting others or useless at it, and that’s ok!  We all have our puzzle piece that fits in somewhere.
  • You will learn that customers come in all shapes and sizes, visible and invisible.
  • You will be inspired, motivated and challenged.
  • You will learn about fears and beliefs about past experiences.
  • It will boost your confidence and if it doesn’t then you need to come and find me and my crew.

When I first watched Back to the Future, never in my wildest dreams did I think flying cars would become a reality and here they are.  Never did I imagine something as crazy as a microchip implanted in our bodies and that’s just around the corner.  I also know that for most of my life I’ve been sleeping under a rock and as soon as I learn something new I realise just how little I know about anything.  I also know that when I bought shares it wasn’t the shares fault that I bought, it was just not the right time or I didn’t do my research or my gut was telling me not to do it.

When I tried Golden Products, Balltron, Amway, it wasn’t that they were bad businesses to start, it just wasn’t a good fit for me.  I wasn’t comfortable selling products and I wasn’t comfortable signing up people to a monthly subscription so in essence I am to blame for not listening to my voice and it was me who wasted my money, not any of those companies.  #lesson in understanding yourself and learning not to just sign up people for the sake of money.

I’ve decided to give Crowd1 the benefit of the doubt.  It’s not going to drain my finances with monthly costs.  The buy-in risk is minimal.  The entry package is affordable, 99 Euros, (R2,000) for an educational package which includes rewards and a buy into the business, or in my case a game of skills development for me, my team and for my clients.  I lost out on the first challenge of not finding four people to join up within 14 days so another #lesson in strategy, planning, researching demand or need customer survey exercise.  

So before you’ve started your new venture, you have most likely already made loads of mistakes.  By being part of my online training you will learn tips and tricks that you can apply to any other venture or opportunity whether it be property, shares, business or people.

There is one reg flag which is cause of concern, in that the domain is not registered to the owners or CEO Impact Crowd1 this means that the registered owner is the official owner of the business who can cause problems.

I joined Crowd1 because having done my due diligence and assessed the risk, I’ve lost more financially investing in other business  or property ventures that didn’t work out.  Amway and Golden Products also got their fair share out of me.  I am a risk taker and overall I am grateful I am because I’ve gained more than I’ve lost.

I could lose my money not doing anything or buying into a business or share investment.  I could lose money loaning money to a friend.  So why not try Crowd1?  It ticks all my boxes and it feels like a good opportunity.  I also understand the online world and how it works.  It gives me an opportunity to show others how they too can benefit from earning and income online.   To me what Crowd1 has developed is a win, win opportunity.

Where the world is today, physically, spiritually and virtually.  Being on the brink of collapse with so many people struggling to make ends meet. Losing their jobs, no more job security.  I think Crowd1 is a brilliant concept.  A collective creation which the developers harnessed.   This opportunity is positioned for tomorrow’s world or business based on blockchain, rewards, affiliate marketing and the virtual world.  You can pay yourself depositing money in Bitcoin or making sales putting money into your bank account,  what’s not to love?  More #lessons.  BTW We were all paid dividends recently.  It wasn’t something to shout home about but hey I wasn’t expecting anything.

Crowd1 has all the makings for skills development in business and entrepreneurship.  People are making it their own.  As trainers, consultants, coaches you can use Crowd1 as a skills development tool and as your rewards program.  Retail stores offer rewards programs to their clients, why can’t we have our own reward program using Crowd1.  You can educate your students and your clients how to run teams, how to be a team leader, how to sell and overcome sales objections, how to boost your confidence through brand development and offer rewards in return by helping them build a business that can generate cash flow for them now and in the future.

For those who are technologically challenged it comes with  community of support from real people.  You too can become a digital citizen and join us in the virtual world, where people shop online, play games and earn rewards.  Where Crowd Funding, crypto currency and the gig economy is the norm.

So yes, I like the business model.  I like the product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an additional income stream or looking for cash flow or a new business venture.   It is up to you to make it work but also know that you can lose because in reality that is what life is all about.

I have not met one single entrepreneur who wasn’t a risk taker.  A business person who has both lost but also gained from taking risks.  With each loss or win comes lessons.  And with each success comes the bliss of getting it right.

I would like to invite anyone who has joined Crowd1 good or bad, share your experience with us in the comment box.

Join our group on Facebook  Venture Connectors   come and network and engage with us before deciding if it is for you.  Participate in the free training I’m offering anyone who wants to join Crowd1

And if you are part of my team already and you find yourself here you need to complete the following tasks to learn how to build a digital footprint for yourself.

  • Complete your due diligence report and
  • Write your own story as either a review or an experience. 

Learning why and how to write articles to market yourself or your business online is a vital part of your online marketing strategy. 

What are your thoughts?


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Romany Thresher is an online digital asset manager, specialising in online marketing and online brand management. Romany’s focus is assisting businesses with connecting their digital assets and to help businesses spot online income opportunities as well as market their businesses online using their website and social media platforms.

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