How you can prevent getting a cold or the flu


There is a natural alternative when it comes to getting a cold or the flu vaccine.  Natural medicine and an oral homeopathic flu vaccine can  prevent you from getting a cold or the flu this year.

Preparing for Winter: Colds and Flu

Colds and flu are both caused by different viruses. Flu is caused by the influenza virus and colds are caused by the rhino virus. Colds can re-occur it self because there are about 200 different rhino viruses. Flu is another story – there are 3 different types of influenza viruses: A, B and C. Influenza C is the important one because it will change it mutations continuously. Every 15-30 years the new virus is at its worst and spread all over the world like a veldt fire.

Know what you have
Colds will not cause fever except in children. When you develop a secondary infection like bronchitis, sinusitis or lung infection – you might develop a fever.

Flu is much worse and you immediately have a high fever of 39°C and higher. The following symptoms are also common to flu: body aches, sneezing, dry cough, headaches, sore throat, cold fever and tiredness. Symptoms last up to 3 days followed by weeks of tiredness.

The cold and flu virus will enter the body via the epithelial tissues of the nose and mouth. In the body the virus will take 2-3 days to multiply enough to make you sick. The irritation of the virus in your airways causes you to cough and sneeze and thus you spread the virus all over the show.

Basic protection and care

  • Reduce stress and rest – a day in bed can do wonders and remember stress will suppress your immune system.
  • Avoid salt and exclude all dairy, eggs, and excessive meat or soya consumption because these foods stimulate mucus production – mucus is paradise for bacteria and viruses.
  • Eat lots of fresh organically grown vegetables and fruit.
  • Eat protein because you need it to build immune cells.
  • Avoid sugar and alcohol when sick – witch suppresses the immune system.
  • Drink lots of water – it will help the body to get rid of waste.
  • During winter avoid enclosed areas where there are a lot of people.
  • Do not overheat your working area – dry heat will dry out your epithelial tissues and make you more vulnerable to infection.
  • Sanitize your telephones and other apparatus with alcohol.
  • Wash hands frequently. Soap will not kill viruses. Do not use blow dryers in toilets especially if they are not hot. Keep hands away from face.
  • If you are going to fly somewhere – advanced protection is necessary. The air in the cabin is dry and is re-circulated.
  • Use stairs in stead of lifts – too many people in a confided space.
  • Do not exercise while you have any flu symptoms.
  • Blow one nostril at a time – too much pressure will force infected phlegm into ears and sinuses.
  • Exercise: when healthy and not while you are sick

Advanced protection against flu

Homeopathic Oral Flu Vaccine
For those that want to go the natural route – this is for you.

Flu injections – why do we need them?
The purpose of flu injections is to prevent life threatening secondary infections.

Who should get a flu jab and / or boost the immune system?

  • People older than 65 – because 90% of flu related deaths are in this age category.
  • People in institutions where the chronically ill are cared for.
  • Children and adolescents who suffer from asthma, frequent ear and lung infections.
  • People suffering from the following diseases: Chronic heart, lung and kidney diseases, diabetes, other metabolic disease, anemia, weak immune systems, HIV/ Aids, leukemia and organ transplants.
  • Health care workers at all levels.


When should I take a flu-jab?
As soon as the new strain is available. It takes 14 days before the inoculation is effective and protection will last for 6 months.

Can I get flu from the flu injection?
You cannot get flu from the flu injection. You most probably already have an infection of some sort if you get sick after the flu injection. If you get a fever or a skin irritation after the injection – it is your immune system which kicks in – which is a good sign. Remember the flu injection will protect you against specific viruses.

Who should not get the flu injection?

  • People with egg allergy.
  • People who have a fever.
  • First 3 months in pregnancy – your only safe alternative then is homoeopathic medicine like Engystol N tabs or ampoules.

Do you suffer with flu or colds every winter?  What do you do to combat the flu or cold every winter?

What are your thoughts?


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