How stress can kill you if you don’t pay attention!


How I almost died from stress

I presume most of us have heard people say that stress is a killer or stress can do a lot of damage but no-one really tells us what happens inside our body when we have too much stress. I bet if we realised what could happen, most of us would immediately start to change our behaviour.

I was one of those people who had way too much work stress; inhumane stress I used to call it. I worked until 19h00 every evening and that without a break. On top of it I worked weekends, even though the Company was not open on weekends. Not only did I put in the hours, it was also under huge pressure conditions, and you know what, I still did not get through the work. And did they pay me for the overtime? Of course not and even if I did receive remuneration, it still would not have been worth it because of what was happening in my body.

So what was happening in my body while I carried on like that?

Ever heard of Adrenal Glands? They are your little stress glands that sit on top of your kidneys. Sounds insignificant but I tell you, when they start taking strain, your whole body starts taking strain. A year before my Adrenals gave in, I could feel I was in trouble but I did not know what to do about it or even how to explain it. A year after that, I suddenly felt that it was difficult to stand on my high heel shoes and my legs started feeling like they were battling to carry me. A few months after that my whole body started shaking like a reed, I was terribly dizzy and I could hardly walk.

When I eventually found out that it was my Adrenal Glands that almost completely gave in, it was too late to start slowing down at work. The damage was done. I had severe chronic fatigue, muscle fatigue, could not handle any noise whatsoever nor any light. This is a huge problem and there are no medicines that a Doctor can give you to make you better. Only nutrition and rest helps and it takes at least 2 years to recover.

After experiencing Adrenal Fatigue, in hindsight I would have handled my stress levels better, had I realized what it could cause.  Learning to relax your body and not take things as seriously as I did is definitely the way to go.

How I found out it was Adrenal Fatigue is another story and I will tell this story in another blog. One thing I can say is that Doctors did not know and that was scary.

Here is a very informative article that can help you understand stress and how it all works.

I had no idea what I was doing to myself working all those long hours, giving my heart and soul to a job that did not serve my purpose.  The more work they gave me the more I took on without paying attention to what my body was telling me.  After experiencing Adrenal Fatigue I would’ve definitely handled my stress levels better but as humans we often only pay attention when it is too late.  Looking back and reflecting on my life I see the importance now of looking after yourself because if you don’t how can you help others?

If something is wrong, pay attention, ask your body to tell you what is wrong.  We rely heavily on Doctors to tell us what is wrong with us but they don’t always know and they don’t always have the answers.  If you are not happy with the answer your doctor gives you go somewhere else, try something different.  Exhaust all your options but make sure you look after your body.


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