1984 George Orwell has me wondering about our current reality


As I watch the 1984 Orwell movie, which is meant to be a depiction of the future of the world, pointing to this time.  I think about the concept of Quantum Physics and the experiment about the observer.  It also reminds me about the verses you are reminded about, in relation to guarding your mind.  What you focus on becomes your reality.

How much of Hollywood and media has played a part in creating the manifestation of the real world we live in?  The art of marketing is making people believe that they need to do something.  Stay safe, social distance…. or like Dove Soap is a women’s soap, or that humans must have milk it is good for you.  How much of anything is real?  How much of anything is truth?

Has the movies we watch created our current reality?


What are your thoughts?


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