About Us

As creatives, philosophers, entertainers, artists, rule breakers and people who love to push boundaries we are people who love to engage in thought provoking conversations. Offering different perspectives to help us learn and grow to be kinder and more tolerant of one another as we navigate this cruel world. For some people the world is an easy place, for others, it’s hell on earth, no matter whether you are rich, or poor, white or black, male or female whilst privilege exists and some have the advantage, we all have our prisons.


The more we learn,
the more we realise how little we know


Our philosophy is,  “Invest in yourself, you are your most valuable asset.”  To be selfish for good reason. It’s harder to be a blessing or to help others if you are broke, depressed, homeless, angry or suicidal.  Contrary to belief you were NOT put on this earth to please others.  That is the most difficult demon to conquer.  Free yourself of this belief and you are off to a good start.

It is important to surround yourself with people who uplift and edify you,  your cheerleaders those who accept you for who you are.  Let go of those who do not see the best in you and this sadly may include family.  Just because you were born into a family does not mean they are your family.

Yes it is good to stay away from energy draining vampires.  Negative people, narcissists and all those who drain the life out of you.  BUT ONLY if they are draining the life out of you!  Only allow yourself to be in the company of those who are vibrating in the negative frequency field for as long as you can energetically manage.  For the most part, who are we to judge?  Remind yourself regularly that when taking a hard look in the mirror that you yourself was once perhaps a narcissist, a bully, a negative leach or energy vampire. Don’t be so quick to point that finger.  Just because you sin differently does not mean you get to judge what someone else does that does not meet your expectations or belief systems. Ask yourself, “What is your legacy?”

What are you doing today to bring changes to yourself,
and to your immediate community  and then causing the ripple effect?


What are you learning?  Are you spending time learning something new to empower yourself? Rather than complain about all the wrongs what are the little things you can do to make your mom’s life easier, your dad, your sister, your brother, your work colleagues? What can you do that will ease their pain and their hardship?  What can you do to make an impact?  Maybe it’s as simple as picking up rubbish on the beach for recycling.

Demonstrate by your actions, not by what you say.  You don’t have to be rich or famous to make an impact, to leave a legacy. If you see someone who is trying, who is making the effort, do you offer to help that person? Try and see if you can find more work for them? Can you offer to do something for someone else that would take the load off? Maybe you can offer accommodation to a staff member to reduce travelling and transport costs?

We can do something every day to make someone else’s life easier. Either by offering employment or working for someone else to give them the support they need to create jobs and generate employment. If you are not the visionary then find a way to support the visionaries to bring the changes that are necessary to make our home and planet more a better place to live in and not just for the children but for all, including animals and the environment.

However, don’t be someone else’s doormat and allow people to control you or steal your power.  You have the choice, you have the power, it is up to you to grab hold of it.  Everything begins and ends with you.  What story are you writing for your life?  What are the thoughts you are thinking on and giving energy to?  What frequency are you tuning in to?  Is it the frequency of love and faith or the frequency of fear and lack?  You get to decide the outcome, which energy frequency you want to flow in…

Do you have a mindset of illness and dis-ease or a mindset of wellness?  Do you have a mindset of lack or a mindset of abundance?

Every time you spend your money at the store, be grateful that you have the money to spend that offers that cashier who took your money a job. The domestic worker who cleans your house, be grateful that you are in a position to offer employment to someone in need and be fair and generous in your remuneration. If you can’t offer full time employment, offer something, offer to let your person go home early to make up for not being able to offer more. Be lenient with off time or if they need to go to the doctor. Be grateful for the water coming out of the tap every time you open the tap and even those expenses that make us mad like a traffic fine, be grateful you have the funds to pay for those who need to maintain our roads.   Great a mindset of abundance rather than lack.

There are situations and events that are not always in our control but we can control ourselves. We control what we think and give energy to, the thoughts that pop into our minds. We have the power and control to choose what we feed our minds on. What we see, what we hear, what we read and what we see becomes our reality.

It is quite easy to live in a world where you believe what you believe and I believe what I believe. It is possible for every human to have a house and food on the table. It is possible to have good hospitals, good education and good service delivery if everything is managed well.
While governments, colonialism, social conditioning all play a role in how our story is told it also does not define us and we get to chose the outcome. What story are you telling? What mark are you leaving?

You are what you focus on, your reality are the seeds you keep watering and giving your attention to. It is difficult to love when you focus on anger and hate. It is difficult to be motivated and well if you focus on disease.

You can change your future, you can determine the outcome by what you give your attention to with your time and with your mind.

We like to believe in solutions and opportunities


Our topics of interest and research is focused on Future trends, technology, social media, online marketing, mind over matter, personal development, Quantum Physics, health and wellness and life in general the good, the bad and the ugly. We believe in God, in a consciousness, in a higher being, power, a creator. We do not believe in a God of doom and gloom. We see feedback as an opportunity to make improvements and we love positive feedback that keeps us motivating us to do better.

We like to believe in solutions and opportunities. Our topics of interest and research is focused on Future trends, technology, social media, online marketing, mind over matter, personal development, Quantum Physics. We believe in God, in a consciousness, in a higher being, power, a creator. We do not believe in a God of doom and gloom. We see feedback as an opportunity to make improvements and we love positive feedback that keeps us motivating us to do better.

We love to empower rather than judge


The Bible talks about not judging others. As a child I often wondered what that meant as I constantly saw people judging others without looking at their own shit. Then one day a pastor explained, that if you call someone, a liar you are judging, if you call someone a whore, a thief, ugly, you are judging. That made sense to me and from that day I chose not to judge in that manner. This has served me well so this is part of our ethos. Romany Thresher


Birds of a feather flock together, we are not the flock who can create safe spaces for you as we are likely to upset or offend you at one point or other as we are just as surprised as you are with what comes out of our mouths at times but we constantly reflect and work at improving. We are a work in progress.  We are blunt in our manner.  Accept this as part of who we are as we accept you for who you are. If you don’t like it, you can find the puzzle piece location that fits you better. We all have a place in this world.


We are like puzzle pieces we all have a place where we fit.
If we don’t fit (get on), that’s ok because maybe you get on better with a fellow colleague.
Romany Thresher



We do not support the patriarchal system which was designed to oppress both men and women and races. We stand for women’s equality and equality in general..

We also treat the environment with respect and have a love for animals. When you walk out the door the world is your garden and your reality. What does your garden look like? What are you feeding your earthly garden? What are you giving life to in your reality? Is your garden (lifestyle, mind, work, friends) a garden of chaos, filled with weeds of pain, anger, bitterness, resentment, stress and resistance? Or do you have a sanctuary that is clean and beautiful and easy filled with hope, love, peace, joy, happiness. This is evident in the people you associate yourself with, evident in the relationships you have (how many times have you been divorced) how good are your relationships with friends and the people you care about? Do you fill your mind with things that promote love, ease, happiness and joy or do you fill your mind and environment with violence, greed and anger by what you SEE, HEAR AND FOCUS ON?